Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger Auto-Clamp Car Mount Fast charging 10W

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Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger Auto-Clamp Car Mount Fast charging 10W

Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger, Auto-Clamp Car Mount, 10W MAX Fast Charging, Compatible with Xiaomi and other iPhone and Android phones.

Automatic Opening and Clamping sensor, One hand operation, containing a built-in advanced sensor. Two clips of the mount will automatically close and grip your phone when the phone is attached to the holder; To release the phone, press quick-release button on any side ,the clips will auto open ,then you can take the phone out. 

Glass material acts as a charging panel to enhance the heat dissipation efficiency of the car to the mobile phone, making charging faster. The blue ring-shaped welcome light lights up after the power is turned on, and it can be seen at night when driving.

Wireless car charger can be smart adjusted with the temperature, and actively reduce heat. The built-in metal bracket provides fast heat transfer and passive heat dissipation. In high-power charging, dual heat dissipation can reduce the charging power of the mobile phone due to overheat protection, and greatly reduce the charging time. At the same time, it can provide multiple protections to easily deal with various abnormal conditions such as short circuit and overvoltage, and protect charging safety.
- Temperature protection
- Short circuit protection
- Power protection
- Overvoltage protection
- Foreign object detection
- Double heat dissipation


Brand: Xiaomi

TYPE : Wireless car charger

Material: PC+ Glass

Model WCJ03ZM


Input 5V/2A 9V/1.6A 12V/1.5A

Output 10W MAX

Dimension and Weight


Package Contents

Wireless car charger X 1
Power cables X 1
User manual X 1
Car Charger X 1
Paste base X 1

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